À venir : Exposition Anouk Albertini Sculptures Virginie Delmas Peintures à l'espace Véra Saint Germain en Laye du 31 Janvier au 2 Février.
When unveiling a moment in its density...
During my walks, I watch out for these moments when strollers become strange silhouetted signs, which seem to convey a sense of belonging to nature and link up with a backstage world with vague and blurred edges.
In my work, I seek to represent and bring to life these fugitives instants as they appear to me, and maintain them over time.
As one peers with attention, these tiny points in time seem to manifest themselves in the highest perfection. All this life pulsing, its uniqueness and its sacred nature, fascinate me all the more so.
I paint with the hope that in the same manner as my paintbrush touches my canvas, the beholder will experience this canvas of stories.